LAck of Customer Service - Buyer Beware

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LAck of Customer Service - Buyer Beware

Postby tyler_holland2004 » Mon Jul 24, 2017 4:09 am

It would be nice if XYZ printing would actually stand behind their products and provide actual customer service to customers who have purchased their products. They spend a lot of time making adds to make their products look good but DON'T advertise that they do not stand behind their products in the form of a warranty that repairs or replaces defective printers without charging the customer to repeatedly ship the product back to the company for outrageous shipping costs.

We have had the DaVinci Mini W since November, it has been shipped back for almost a month on one occasion, worked through two spools of filament upon it's return to us, and broke again and now they state that they will not replace or refund for the product and the only option that they give me is to pay for shipping for them to repair the piece of junk again.

I wish my son could look as happy as the kid on their pretty little adds but he can't because his Christmas present broke and the company refuses to do anything about it other than cost more money out of my pocket!!!!!
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