Open filament printer spool

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Open filament printer spool

Postby MsLola » Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:41 am

Hi all,
Apologies in advance i am a complete newbie and have no shame in asking questions.

I have tried to find an stl file for a print spooler for open filament for my XYX Da Vinci Jnr 1.0 Pro printer but not having much luck. The ones i have found seem to hook onto the back (so presuming its not my printer) and a floor based one i found was too large for the base of my printer (15cm ^3).

Does anyone have a file for a spooler for my model please? TBH i am not too concerned as the XYZ propitiatory ones seem fairly reasonable but given how rubbish i am and how much there is to learn i would prefer to be able to use a cheaper one.

Any help or guidance greatly appreciated and also software. What software are you using to design stuff? I was recommended Cura but i can't get it to connect to my printer for some reason.. Not as issue as such as i could just design stuff there then print it off in XYZ maker software which does work but just wonders.

Hope to hear from someone soon and don't be too brutal please.

Kind regards
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Re: Open filament printer spool

Postby MrWilliams » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:38 am

I am also having a similar issue. I have recently purchsed an xyz davinci jr. 1.0 A pro, the directions show the 3d party filament loading from a hole in the back, but there is no hole in the printer. I called customer service and they said to just put the roll on the holder inside the machine, however the diameter of the filament I purchased is larger than xyz's, so it doesnt quite fit.

I too would love to hear what others are doing to make this work!
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