Mini w+ Major nozzle clog

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Mini w+ Major nozzle clog

Postby ebp921 » Sun Aug 09, 2020 12:55 pm

Had to tear down my extruder to get the nozzle cleaned proper. Iv worked in IT for 15+ years repairing electronics so I was very careful to unhook everything without being aggressive. The extruder hotend female plug attached to the board literally fell off like it wasn’t solder on well..I’m curious what my options are, I could attempt to solder it back on myself? If that dosent work does the extruder replacement I can purchase have that board in it? Any suggestions or thoughts would be great. I’m love my machine and recently bought the open filament chip and hate not being able to use it with my daughter. Thsnks in advance.
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Postby nobita88 » Tue Sep 22, 2020 12:14 am

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Re: Mini w+ Major nozzle clog

Postby ducklife » Sat Oct 10, 2020 12:50 am

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