Da Vinci Color Cartridge problem

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Da Vinci Color Cartridge problem

Postby Kamil2000 » Mon Sep 27, 2021 7:59 am

After the first installation of new cartridges, the test page prints without any problems, but when you try to print the project the message is: "Cartridge mismatch, 2 different types of ink detected, check your ink cartridges" is displayed. Cartridges are new, original bought with the printer. I am asking for help, best regards.
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Re: Da Vinci Color Cartridge problem

Postby Earsmith » Tue Sep 28, 2021 8:16 pm

I've had issues, not exactly the same but for ink error messages it's always happened to me when inserting the ink cartridges, duh. Usually the cyan on my printer and almost immediately after removing and reinserting. This part here is just what I have observed and works for me. I'm not a XYZ tech just a guy who went into full panic mode after getting the ink error message. And this is not technical advice on how to service your printer. After trouble shooting what I have found is once in a while one of the pins on the the cassette, where the cartridge makes electronic contact to the cassette, would get stuck in a depressed state at a slightly odd angle. It's easily spotted as it appears out of place. Now on how I work through the issue. A flashlight and a non conductive tool are used, a sharpened Popsicle stick works for me and done with printer powered off. Learned about electricity when I was about 7. I gently press on the pin repeatedly until it works back into place like it's companions. A little more info as well. When putting in the cartridges the top latches should never lever them into place, just lock them. I start by working the latch to the most open position firmly against the top of the cassette. Then put the cartridge in, making no contact against the latch. when I hear the cartridge make contact with the pins, very subtle sound and it's aligned in an upright position, then I work the latch into place. Locking the cartridge firmly into the cassette. You will surprised has easy it will go in. If you have to use force, stop, work the latch back against the top of the cassette and then verify the cartridge is placed correctly in cassette. Doing this myself the issues of ajar pins have greatly diminished. Good luck.
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