The Most Creative Applications of 3D Printing

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The Most Creative Applications of 3D Printing

Postby 3dtech » Mon Oct 16, 2017 9:52 pm

3D printing is already turning into a classic lure at technology fairs. Manufacturers work hard to perfect and lower the price on these devices, which they then try to sell to the final consumer by appealing to their interests (such as handicrafts and model making) or to their hearts (creating customizable designer toys). But beyond its recreational use, this promising technology already has very innovative and creative applications in fields as diverse as health, space exploration, education or art. Here are some examples:
SPACE PARTS. NASA plans to send 3D printers to space to allow astronauts to manufacture the parts they need. This would permit objects to be somehow “teleported” to the inhabitants of the International Space Station, ranging from Christmas presents from their families to sophisticated pieces of machinery. 3d printing service in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand , Uttar Pradesh and Haryana,chandigarth,kochi,bhopal,visakhapatnam india


benefits of 3d printing in education : For biology classes in high schools, or even for faculties of medicine, one can now print replicas of human body parts that help in their study. 3D printing may also be applied in the study of art or of human evolution.

3d printing construction : Going beyond the models of buildings that allow for the refinement of details before their construction, showing the changes in successive three-dimensional printings 3d floor plan

PROSTHETIC : Researchers in Belgium and The Netherlands, in collaboration with a company that carries out implants and a manufacturer of metallic additives, have joined together in a pioneering project to develop a maxillary prosthesis. They have already managed to recreate the jaw of a patient with a 3D printer, future of 3d printing in healthcare

3d printed fashion collection :The Internet is starting to fill up with possibilities for customers to create their own attire by using 3D printing techniques. The textile industry sees a new market with these products, although their widespread acceptance still remains to be seen. 3d printing fashion future

3d printing art : The field in which creativity always plays the key role has been quick to adopt this new technology.

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