Which industry will benefit most from 3D printing?

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Which industry will benefit most from 3D printing?

Postby 3dtech » Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:22 pm

significantly benefiting from 3D printing:


Aerospace: 3D printing is allowing for richer mechanisms to be built more simply without the need for welding that can be significantly lighter than existing approaches.

Automotive: Similar to aerospace but the scale is different. Imagine if there is no long production lines but simply frames etc that come out the other end. how is 3d printing used in the automotive industry
Biomedical: For things like prosthetics and orthotics where almost every object needs to be built based on individual needs, this will significantly reduce the turnaround time. Imagine every dentist having a 3D printer in their office for making orthotics, and every individual joint replacement being designed for that patient's needs. 3d printing in biomedical applications

Design of all kinds: Whether it is architects constructing 3D models, industrial designers trying to get a "feel" for what an object looks like, the thinning of the barrier between bits and atoms is getting thinner. 3dprinting service in mumbai vadodara delhi nce india
Electronic field:

Printing metal in midair. 3D Printing and Laser Annealing of conductive metallic inks. This new method is opening up near limitless new potential applications in electronic and biomedical devices that rely on customized metallic architectures. 3d printing electronic components

The application of 3D printing is prevalent in the medical sector widely. Personalized prothetics, hearing aids, patient specific dentures are manufactured directly using 3D printing. 3D printed surgical guides are assisting surgeons to perform precise operations. Bio-printing technology is being used for imaging skin, tissue, bones and even human organs.

The aerospace and aviation sector was one of the first adopters of 3D printing technologies in product development and prototyping.

Many automotive companies are now considering the potential of 3D printing in achieving after sales functions concerning the production of replacement spare parts, on demand, instead of holding huge inventories.

3D printing in sync with 3D scanning and 3D modeling, has helped artists, architectures and sculptors to explore and reproduce exact replicas of an idea or structure of historical importance. Some visionary architects are conducting research on 3D printing as a direct construction method. Fashion industry is also indebted to the 3D printing technologyas they are being able to experiment and research newer trends in jewelries, shoes, hats, headpieces, and bags.
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