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Check your da Vinci Jr 1.0

Postby PaPaDogg » Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:30 am

Check the following tips may help you to fix your machine
1. Update the firmware
The last version firmware may lead to the wrong command on the printer.
2.Do Z-Off set
We can follow the user manual to do the Z-offset process, the recommend distance between nozzle and print bed is 0.3mm (two sheets of copy paper).
The wrong distance between print bed and nozzle will cause the following issues
1) If the distance is too far, the bottom of printing part will bend
2) If the distance is too close, the filament will stick on the nozzle after printing

4.Pull out the guide tube
When we try to pull out the guide tube, keep in mind using one hand to push down the black ring, and use another hand to pull out the tube.
Please don’t use too much power to pull out the tube without pushing down the black ring!
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