How to avoid the NOISE for da Vinci Jr

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How to avoid the NOISE for da Vinci Jr

Postby PaPaDogg » Fri Jul 22, 2016 5:36 pm

It is normal the get some noise during the loading filament process, and printing process, but if the noise is too loud, then we can use the following steps to figure it out!
1)Use the cleaning brush to clear the filament residues on the gear of the feeding system

2)Disassemble the feeding system, then check if 2 gears on the same horizontal level
Take out the white cover by release the screws

Then check if the 2 gears on the alignment level

If the gears get misalignment, then adjust the height of the gear through release the screws on the motor

3)Lubricate for the shaft on the trigger
Keep disassembling the printer, and take out the trigger

See if the shaft is too dry, then lubricate for it, I always use the "high temperature lithium grease".

Here is the total process.
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