Where is the 3D eBook?

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Where is the 3D eBook?

Postby DrPhil » Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:03 am

I purchased the Mini w+ printer.
The purchase Includes: 300g Filament, 3D eBook, Maintenance…
---------------------my question on Amazon-------------------------------
By Amazon Customer (me) on January 15, 2019
Q: Where can i find the 3d ebook listed in the printer description. xyzprinting support says to contact amazon about it?
A: Hello There,
In order to receive the redeem code for the 3D eBook, you will need to register the printer, and then subscribe to the EDM/newsletter. This way, you should be able to redeem it.
XYZprinting, Inc.
The code I get for registering the printer is $10.00 off on materials at XYZ. Not an eBook.
What and where is the EDM/newsletter and where could I redeem the code it if I can find it?
The 3D eBook was part of what I purchased but I can find no one that can tell me where to get it.
There is no 3D eBook on Amazon and they know nothing about this redeem code.
Has anyone been successful at getting this 3D eBook?
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