Why should you Opt for Pharma Turnkey Solutions

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Why should you Opt for Pharma Turnkey Solutions

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Turnkey solutions are readily available services that can be deployed or implemented in a business. Turnkey solutions have their own advantages and disadvantages which depend on the factors like business type, industry and the needs of the organization. Before opting for Pharma Turnkey Solutions, a pharma company should assess the functionality of business in a cost-effective manner. Some of the key points, before opting for turnkey solutions, are analysing the company’s strengths and weakness, Study of the changing processes, consideration of the users and employees who will use the solution and calculating the long-term costs of the solution.


Turnkey solutions are beneficial to the organization in many ways. They are useful for keeping data safe by using cloud services and data centres, communication with the help of developed applications within the business, handling email servers in a cloud-based system, applications like CRMs and ERPs. Being considered as a ONE STOP solution the turnkey solution is definitely good option for the customer. A turnkey solution is beneficial for a business where the various needs of the customer are addressed at one point. Turnkey solutions are usually less costly than custom built-in solutions. If the company opts for turnkey solutions from an experienced turnkey firm, where all customer needs are addressed efficiently the reason being the turnkey firm will have fully available documentation of case studies, reviews and history.

Pharma Turnkey Solutions are best for those companies where the amount of required customization is very less. For small or growing businesses, a turnkey solution is a perfect option. There are various activities and functionalities associated with turnkey solutions such as Finance and accounting, sales management, customer service, operations and project management.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to choosing a Turnkey solution. The advantages are lower cost of operation, reduced implementation time and practicality for a smaller business. The disadvantages are long term costs, loss in the competitive edge, insufficient capabilities and low customization.

Very often organizations are confused and cannot decide whether they should opt for Turnkey solutions or that whether they should opt for custom-built solutions. Turnkey solutions are best for those businesses which are small or are growing.

A pharma turnkey company has many domains under which it has experience. These domains are design, construction of stainless steel, preparation of technical documentation for engineering and pharmaceutical projects, experience with chemical production lines, experience with advisory design services and design and development of equipment and machines. If a turnkey company has many years of experience, then it becomes easy for the company to handle big turnkey projects and offer solutions.

An ideal pharma turnkey solution company provides turnkey solutions such as feasibility studies and project estimates, ROI or return on investment calculations, project financing reporting, conceptual designing, Process and equipment evaluations, process flow diagrams, equipment specifications and design engineering, procurement of materials and equipment, program management, facility check, commissioning, quality control, start-up and batch trial completion process and project closing documentation.

Some of the key elements of pharma turnkey solutions are discussed as follows.

Project management is one of the biggest parts of a turnkey solution. To put it in a nutshell, a turnkey project is the type of work where the project is already developed and a team of experts is subcontracted for managing the project so that it runs smoothly. These experts provide end to end solution. The team of experts, design and develop feasible solutions based on their experience and competence in the existing pharma field. The turnkey solution should meet the given standards and requirements that are set by the company. After completion, the turnkey project should meet the required organizational needs and project requirements. All the aspects of the solution should be properly tested and regulated. The turnkey contractor should take the liability of the financial aspects and is accountable for any questions regarding the financial aspects. A turnkey solution is not one-time work. It is done to ensure a long-term relationship between the contractor and the company.

Considering all these factors, it can be inferred that a pharma turnkey solution is the best option for smaller companies to ensure a smooth and cost-effective operation of the pharma business. Not only cost-effectiveness but also helps to build a customer-client relationship between the companies. With pharma turnkey solutions, the companies can grow up to the ladder in this competitive market in current times. Turnkey solutions provide financial stability to businesses.

Creative Engineering is turnkey pharmaceutical project consultants with inhouse engineering and fabrication expertise. As we have served more than 10 well-known pharma and chemical companies for engineering, fabrication and GMP-USFDA certification consultation, we are confident to serve you the best in the region. Our services include plant layout design as per GMP, project designing as per USFDA, MHRA, TGA, WHO, GMP etc.

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