Arduino based monitoring of various parts

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Arduino based monitoring of various parts

Postby jason jason » Thu Mar 22, 2018 9:48 am

I've owned a davinci 1.0 for quite some time now, and like many 3d printer owners, have had my share of issues. I would like to develope an Arduino based temperature monitoring device to monitor the temperatures of each of the stepper motors, drivers and hot ends, and output these measures to a word document of some sort. I've seen how to set up a thermistor with arduino, but I don't know how to add 10, and output data to a file.

The purpose of this is to determine the exact cause of several issues. Layer shifts, decoupling, ect.

In my experience adding heatsinks has worked before, along with repairing or upgrading certain wires. I'd like to know their real world impact, and to what percentage they helped.

At some point I would like to make a tutorial on both how to fix these problems and proper disassembly of the hot end for clearing jams or clogs. Another quick tip is blue thread locker is your friend. If your getting more noise than usual, check the screws and lubrication of the slides.

My intent is to eventually provide an overview of everything I've found an issue with and help others to correct it. There are a few things that at some point you may have to send a printer in for, but for the most part, printer maintenance is part of owning a printer.
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